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Retail investors would 'bear the brunt' of a cryptocurrency market collapse, study says

Retail investors would feel the impact of a cryptocurrency market collapse the most, while institutional investors would be better protected against such an event, according to researchers. “At this stage, we think that retail investors would be the first to bear the brunt in the event of a collapse in cryptocurrencies’ market value,” a report […]

Cryptocurrencies ‘could drop to near-zero at any time,’ Ethereum founder warns

Cryptocurrencies are a nascent asset class and could fall violently at any time, the founder of blockchain network Ethereum warned on Saturday. “Reminder: cryptocurrencies are still a new and hyper-volatile asset class, and could drop to near-zero at any time,” Vitalik Buterin said on Twitter. “Don’t put in more money than you can afford to […]

These Firms Are Milking the Cryptocurrency Markets for Astronomical Profits — And You’ve Probably Never Heard of Them

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on for just $39 per month. What US cryptocurrency-related company makes the highest amount of legal revenue per employee? No, it’s not Coinbase, and — unless you’re particularly tuned into the financial markets — you’ve probably never heard of it. That’s according to Tim Swanson, founder of tech […]

There's a lot of blockchain hype, but money-transfer start-up Veem is using it today

For all the talk in Silicon Valley about the potential of blockchain technology, most of it is just that — talk. Aside from cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, there aren’t many real-world applications of blockchain, a distributed ledger that allows data to be cryptographically tracked and secured. One exception is a San Francisco-based money transfer […]

Passing the Buck – Visa Blames Coinbase for ‘Erroneous’ Error that Overcharged Customers, Drained Accounts

Adam James · February 16, 2018 · 11:30 am As was previously reported, Coinbase – one of the most popular digital currency exchanges – experienced one of the more egregious errors in recent cryptocurrency history by duplicating users’ past debit/credit card and bank purchases, effectively siphoning money from accounts without authorization. The costly error reportedly […]

Intenet Archive Sees Big Donations from Vitalik Buterin and the Pineapple Fund

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on for just $39 per month. Vitalik Buterin last week donated 100 Ethereum to a digital media charity. At current prices this equates to $93,469, however, the charity will receive $186,938 as The Pineapple Fund is matching all donations up to one million dollars. The recipient of the cryptocurrency philanthropy was the Internet […]

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